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Byrnes Communications Inc is pleased to publish our first Accessibility Plan in response the Federal Government’s Accessible Canada Act (ACA). Byrnes Communications Inc intends not only to meet the goals of this legislation but to exceed them whenever possible.

Byrnes Communications Inc is dedicated to being accessible to all Canadians. This includes making our workplace, and our activities and services accessible to people with disabilities. We understand that accessibility needs evolve over time and that people with disabilities are the experts in their own experience and accessibility. We commit to keep listening to people who have disabilities and to continually improve accessibility at Byrnes Communications Inc for all our stakeholders. This includes our workplaces, information that we produce and the services we offer.

Byrnes Communications Inc understands the importance of being a barrier-free organization, which is why we have taken important actions to identify and remove barriers discovered through consultations with persons with disabilities. Wherever possible, Byrnes Communications Inc will address barriers as soon as we become aware of them, even if they are not scheduled in our Accessibility Plan.

Byrnes Communications Accessibility Plan

You can view the plan on-line or view and download the PDF version of our plan.

View Plan Online

Accessibility Feedback and Contact Information

Byrnes Communications Inc. operates 104.7 Heart FM (CIHR-FM) Woodstock, 105-1 The River (CJED-FM) Niagara Falls, and 101.1 More FM (CFLZ-FM) Fort Erie/Niagara Falls. 

Our Company is committed to serving the needs of our staff, clients, listeners and partners. Any feedback, including comments, questions and/or complaints are welcome in order to help improve the accessibility of our services in any area of our business.

Your feedback may be submitted by completing the form below, in person, by telephone, mail, email, or by any other agreed upon alternate format.

We welcome comments regarding any accessibility barriers that you may have encountered in dealing with our organization. We are also in the process of developing an Accessibility plan and you are invited to provide input or suggestions as to how we can best develop and implement the plan.

What are Accessibility Barriers?

The Accessible Canada Act (ACA) defines a barrier as:

anything physical, architectural, technological or attitudinal, anything that is based on information or communications or anything that is the result of a policy or a practice—that hinders the full and equal participation in society of persons with an impairment, including a physical, mental, intellectual, cognitive, learning, communication or sensory impairment or a functional limitation.”

The ACA highlights the following areas of focus for the removal and prevention of barriers: employment; the built environment; information and communication technologies (ICT); communication, other than ICT; the procurement of goods, services and facilities; the design and delivery of programs and services; and transportation. The Accessibility manager will work with senior managers responsible for these areas. Those managers will be responsible for taking concrete actions to identify, remove and prevent barriers under each of the above areas.

How to provide Feedback

The person responsible for receiving your feedback is our Accessibility Manager. Your feedback can be general in nature, or very specific.

You may contact the accessibility manager via email at accessibility@bci.fm or call and ask for the accessibility manager at 905-332-1331. We can also set up a video call or in-person visit if required.

Please email your comments to: Accessibility Manager, Byrnes Communications Inc. 223 Norwich Ave, Woodstock ON N4S 3V8

All feedback will be acknowledged via email, or, if sent by mail, through a letter sent to your return address. If you contact us in person via phone or video call, we will acknowledge your comments during the call.

Anonymous Feedback
You do not have to provide personal information in order to provide feedback. If you wish to contact us without providing personal information, you may do so via telephone or via mail. If you telephone us, we will acknowledge your feedback during the call.

All comments and concerns will be addressed with the same care and attention whether they are provided anonymously or not.

How your feedback will be used
Feedback will help our organization improve our accessibility efforts. Some feedback may not require a direct response or immediate follow-up, and some may highlight issues that need to be addressed right away. However, all feedback received will help Byrnes Communications Inc.  develop its future accessibility plans and it will help us know how we are progressing towards our accessibility goals. The feedback we receive will be taken into consideration when we write our accessibility progress reports, published in the years between accessibility plans. 

Employee Feedback
Byrnes Communications Inc. staff should contact our manager of Human Resources, who is identified in the Employee Handbook. The HR manager is actively involved with all of our processes with respect to employment barriers. She will review your concerns with the Accessibility manager and work together with you to ensure there is adequate follow-up. As is the case with all HR related issues, all of your comments will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Employees wishing to provide feedback on an anonymous basis can do so by sending a letter to the Accessibility manager or to the Human resources manager.

All feedback, responses to feedback and measures taken to improve process and remove barriers will be retained in electronic format and retained for a seven-year period.

Alternative Formats
You can request an alternative format of this feedback process description in large print or audio format or by sending an email to accessibility@bci.fm