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Boyer's Creek Latest Addition to Niagara Parks Coastal Wetlands Restoration Project

Feb 17th, 2019

By: Tristen Randall 

The Niagara Parks Commission will begin another Niagara River coastal wetland restoration project in Boyer's Creek. 

Beginning on February 18th, the project will used felled ash trees as a way to recreate the natural environment. Over 75 per cent of the coastal wetlands in the Niagara River have been lost due to damage by humans. Boyer's Creek is one of many restoration projects undertaken in order to re-establish nursery habitats for multiple species of fish.

In 2016, the NPC began a series of restoration projects in collaboration with Ontario's natural resources and forestry ministry and Environment and Climate Change Canada. Seven locations were hand picked and underwent a restoration process through the use of old Christmas trees and ash trees felled by beetles. Since then, over 800 metres of river shoreline have been restored to habitats where fish are able to thrive.

During the holiday season, a 30-foot Blue Spruce was on decorated and on display. That same tree will be re-used for the Boyer's Creek project as anchoring material for the riverbed.

A completion date of March 15th has been set, weather permitting.