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NRP Encourages Reporting of Hate Crime

Chief says they're working on better communication, between investigators and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion unit

Encouragement from Niagara Regional police that anyone who suffers from a hate crime or incident that it be reported.

Chief Bill Fordy acknowledged to a recent police services board meeting that many people don't bother, as they feel nothing will be done.

He added police forces nationwide are working to change that.  "Our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Unit is trying to become more engaged in sharing information.  So when those incidents are reported to us, we're trying to respond in a way that's responsible and professional."

NRP received 30 reports of hate incidents last year.

Board member Laura Ip wondered what is being done.

"I know that there are people who contacted me, for instance, saying they reported it, and the police say it's not a hate incident.   Is there anything I can do?  It's one of those things you look at on the surface and say it certainly looks hate motivated.  Does the EDI unit have a role in reviewing and following up?"

Chief Bill Fordy says even greater coordination is coming between investigators and the Equity, Diversion and Inclusion Unit.

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