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Niagara Transit Buying 30 New Buses

This will cost over $21-million, many of them meant to replace old specialized buses used for people with mobility issues

Niagara Transit Commission is buying 19 new conventional buses, and 11 new specialized transit buses for those with mobility issues.

The conventional buses will cost $17.3-million, and the specialized buses $3.8-million.

Niagara Transit GM Carla Stout says it'll be done through provincial and federal funding.  "That is all done through a joint procurement initiative, that we participate in with many transit agencies across Ontario, under an agency program that is run by Metrolinx."

She adds the purchase of 10 of the specialized buses is to replace old ones, while the 11th is needed for growth in the program.

St. Catharines Mayor and Transit chair Mat Siscoe is pleased.

"I think the Metrolinx cooperative program is one that I know previous properties have taken advantage of, and it definitely does get us better prices than were we to try and go at it alone.  So, joint procurement is where it's at." 

A staff report shows the conventional buses will come from Nova Bus, a company in Quebec.


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