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Humane Society Blasted Over Adoption Event

It's accused of holding adoption event featuring American pets

The Niagara SPCA and Humane Society says it's not involved in an upcoming adoption event featuring pets from the United States. 

In a statement, the organization says it has nothing to do with an event that is being held by the Humane Society of Greater Niagara, formerly known as the Lincoln County Humane Society. 

"We have received calls regarding this event and asking why when Niagara shelters are full and shelters in Ontario are at crisis, we would be hosting an adoption event in Niagara with dogs and cats from the USA bringing up to 60-90 dogs and numerous cats. We wish to make it clear to our communities and donors this is not the Niagara SPCA and Humane Society, it is the Lincoln County Humane Society, recently renamed the Humane Society of Greater Niagara."

The statement adds the two organizations are separate entities. 

The Niagara SPCA and Humane Society also notes while it sympathizes with out-of-country rescues, every adoption that occurs means one less cat or dog is adopted from a local shelter. 

"Events like these at a time of crisis in our Province can have dire consequences for the animals of Niagara" states John Greer, Executive Director Niagara SPCA and Humane Society. 

Greer adds many local rescue groups are beyond capacity, and there is no reason for this event to take place. 

The Humane Society of Greater Niagara has issued the following response: 

"The Humane Society of Greater Niagara was given an opportunity to save the lives of dogs in dire need. BARK, who operates independently, is working with us to find loving homes in Niagara. Sadly, across the US, dogs face death every day. We are working to save lives. Our shelter adoption dogs will also be at the event, to find their forever homes.

The residents of Niagara have opened their doors time and time again to provide loving homes and it is unfortunate that a partner whose mandate is to save lives, chooses to come out against such an event. Both the Niagara SPCA and the Fort Erie SPCA have refused to work with BARK, having worked with them many times in the past.

As always, we will continue to rise above the noise and rhetoric and do what is right for animals. While numbers are high, they are not too high to save these dogs. We will continue to provide love and care for the animals in our shelter, while they find their forever homes; we will continue to adopt out dogs and work with adoption partners, in an effort to save more lives.

We look forward to working with The Restore and Ruffins during this exciting community event. BARK will be on-site at our Thorold location (2493 Hwy 20) from Tuesday, September 19 to Wednesday, September 27."

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