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Niagara Falls Residents Face Tax Hike

Residents asked if another $8 a month is ok to maintain services

Bit of a wrestling match for Niagara Falls city council between cutting services or raising taxes to maintain services for this year's budget.

The city's Director of Finance Tiffany Clark revealed a 7.4-percent tax hike would mean just over $8 a month more the average household.

Councillor Mike Strange was good with that, noting last year's hike.

"2.9%, then a couple years before we went a 0, and 0.97... but we are at a point right now if we don't increase it, next year we're going to be at 10 or 12%... I don't want to be doing that, I don't want to be cutting services in a growing population," he says.

City staff added technological upgrades are needed in advance of a growing population.

Councillor Ruth-Ann Nieuwesteeg acknowledged the pain of inflation, but said investment is needed.  "When we talk about forestry, when we talk about street clearing... if we cut those things, we are affecting the safety of our residents.  I don't think that's what we want to do.  We talk about cutting services... do we want to cut services so people don't enjoy the quality of life."

She asked if residents think $8 a month is too much to pay for a growing city.

There were 24 recommendations made by city staff on where to put money, with one adjustment made.  That adjustment meant the library will keep $25,000.  City council unanimously voted for the recommendations.


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