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NDP Calling on Province to Re-start Scheduled Surgeries

Photo Credit: Andrea Horwath Facebook

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says the province needs to resume scheduled procedures, and give hospitals the staff and money necessary to conduct them.

Ontario's NDP Leader is calling on the province to re-start scheduled surgeries. 

Andrea Horwath says Ford needs to repel the directive causing surgeries to be put on hold, and get hospitals the staff and money necessary to do them. 

"There are thousands of people who have had surgeries cancelled or delayed. Some are living in pain, and many are living with the anxiety and fear of knowing their cancer or illness is progressing while they wait," said Horwath. "It was a shock to so many people that Premier Doug Ford announced a reopening that didn’t mention a word about re-starting surgeries."

On January 5th, the Ford government ordered hospitals to stop all non-urgent surgeries and procedures to help hospital staff cope with the Omicron wave. 

While other re-opening measures have been announced, there hasn't been an announcement yet regarding non-urgent procedures. 

Horwath says if she were Premier today, she would launch a centralized referral system for the next patient in line to get the next available surgeon

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