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MPPs Looking for Full GO Service

Jennie Stevens and Wayne Gates want all-day service for Niagara, after it was recently given to Milton

Two Niagara politicians want the Ontario government to give a better picture of when all day, 2-way GO train service will start for Niagara.

The province recently announced the extension of the service to Milton and other parts of Toronto.

St. Catharines MPP Jennie Stevens says while the expansion of GO to Niagara over the summer was a positive step, the region needs to know when full service is coming, and not just incremental.

She adds Niagara needs to know so it can start planning to take advantage of the economic advantages the service will bring.

Niagara Falls MPP Wayne Gates says the train is needed not only to reduce congestion on the roads, but also grow industry such as tourism and wine, and add more jobs to the Niagara region.

Currently there is limited service to and from Niagara Falls each day.

Stevens added it cannot be about scoring political points, or ending the service at the GTA border.

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