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Mayor Urges Action on Size of Gov't

Jim Diodati says it's become too costly for taxpayers, with 126 politicians between regional and city

You're being urged by Niagara Falls' mayor to be vocal about the cost of two levels of government in Niagara.

He made the comments during council's last meeting on Tuesday, which focused on the budget.  Two residents made presentations on how they say businesses, homeowners and renters can't take anymore tax increases. 

Jim Diodati says the big problem is having a regional government, along with city and town governments, that leaves 126 politicians.

He pointed to Hamilton which has 16, Toronto has 45.  "We can't afford two levels of government anymore, it's time to remove.  I can tell you when the Premier was here last year, he used the word 'disgusting'... 'it was disgusting the amount of politicians you have here'.  I agree, and it doesn't make me popular when I go to the region."

He adds you can offer your thoughts during provincial hearings in January.

"So, that would be one, when they have the public hearings.  Minister Calandra, the Minister of Municipal Affairs, let him know, that people have had enough.  We've had enough.  The other thing you can do is write letters to the editor, and talk to your friends... help us in that way."

The mayor adds his own family has asked him what's going on with taxes, and other councillors are hearing the same thing.

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