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LOOK: NRP Want Help Identifying Suspect in Bench Brewing Property Damage

Damage to property estimated at $70,000

Niagara Regional Police want some help in identifying a suspect who caused significant property damage to Bench Brewing Company in Beamsville. 

Investigation revealed that on March 26th  between the hours of 5:10am and 5:35am, an unidentified suspect on a dark colored ATV drove on the Bench Brewing Company property and intentionally spread a liquid that killed a large amount of grass. 

The cost to replace the damaged grass has been estimated at $70,000. 

The suspect and the ATV that was equipped with a liquid distribution tank has been captured on surveillance video. The suspect on the ATV was observed travelling south on Maple Grove Road at approximately 5:10am and north on Maple Grove Road at approximately 5:35am. 

Detectives are asking that residences in the area check their surveillance/dash cameras that may be of assistance. 

Detectives have determined that an incident with a similar unidentified suspect occurred at the Bench Brewing Company on August 1st of last year  between the hours of 2:58am and 3:03am. 

The cost to repair the damaged grass in the 2023 incident was approximately $50, 000. This investigation also remains open as a suspect has not been identified. 

The suspect/ATV are described as:

The suspect was wearing all black clothing, black helmet with a face shield. 
The 4-wheel ATV appears to be grey or green with three headlights and a large liquid herbicide container/sprayer attached to the rear of it. The tank is not permanently affixed.
Detectives are asking the public to observe the attached images and assist in identifying the suspect and/or ATV owner. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact detectives at 905-688-4111, option 3, ext. 1009023.

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