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Gates Demands Fort Erie Urgent Care Centre to Re-Open

Local MPP points to blizzard as a reason to re-open the urgent care centre in Fort Erie.

NDP MPP Wayne Gates is once again pushing for the re-opening of Fort Erie's urgent care centre. 

Niagara Health closed the centre on January 4th in order to redeploy physicians and nurses to areas where they are needed most. 

Gates says yesterday's blizzard is just one reason why urgent care needs to return to the area. 

"Fort Erie gets pummeled by snow every year and the roads become very dangerous - everyone here knows it, and Doug Ford has been told many times that we need emergency room capacity to deal with it. With Fort Erie’s urgent care closed, people who need an ER are supposed to be taken to Niagara Falls - but, of course, for chunks of time yesterday, the highway between the two municipalities was closed," said Gates.

The MPP, whose riding includes Fort Erie, is also calling for military assistance to get the urgent care centre up and running again, and is asking Premier Doug Ford to send resources such as staff and supplies to the area. 

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