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DSBN Confirms No School Tomorrow, as of Now

DSBN releases official statement, saying schools will be shut down tomorrow due to planned strike action.

The DSBN has written a letter to parents, confirming schools will be closed tomorrow due to an impending strike by education workers.

This comes after mediation talks between the province and CUPE broke down earlier today. 

The full letter is available below. 

"At the time we are sending this message, an agreement has not been reached between CUPE and the province, and CUPE will be withdrawing their services tomorrow on Friday, November 4, 2022.

This means that all DSBN schools will be closed to students tomorrow on Friday, November 4.

Please see below for what we will be open, closed or cancelled tomorrow for the DSBN: 

DSBN Schools: all elementary and secondary schools will be closed to students. There will be no virtual learning delivered on Friday
Child Care: child care programs operating in our schools will be allowed to operate in our buildings should they choose to stay open. Please contact your child care provider directly for more information
EarlyON Centres: EarlyON Centres will be closed
Extracurriculars: after hours sports, practices, and other activities will be cancelled and re-scheduled
Transportation: all transportation to and from school will not be running
Community Rentals: all school permits are cancelled
Adult Continuing Education: all in-person adult continuing education classes are cancelled

Should there be a change at any point tonight in the negotiations and schools are able to open tomorrow for Friday, November 4, we will communicate with you immediately. Please continue to monitor our negotiation updates web page, DSBN social media channels and local media outlets for updates. Information about tomorrow will be posted by 6 a.m."

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