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Bathroom Break Sparked Police Shooting in Pelham

It looks like the cop-on-cop shooting in Pelham, all started over a washroom break.

The CBC says Constable Nathan Parker, was guarding a collision scene on November 29, 2018.

Dana Audet, Parker's fiancee, says he had to use the restroom so he called for backup, but no one got back to him after several minutes.

She says he decided to go anyway, and Detective Sergeant Shane Donovan was furious when he got back.

The shots were fired afterwards.

The shooting sent Parker to hospital with serious injuries, but he had since recovered.

The Special Investigations Unit had charged Donovan attempted murder, aggravated assault and assault with a weapon.

But those charges were dropped this past November, because there was no reasonable prospect of conviction in the case.

The OPP charged Parker with assaulting a police officer, assault with the intent to resist arrest and assault with a weapon back in May.

Audet says Parker is a kind person and a dedicated police officer.

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