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More FM is now broadcasting HD Radio

101.1 More FM is now broadcasting in HD signal. Tuning to an HD Radio channel is as easy as tuning to 101.1 on the FM Dial. But you need a HD compatible receiver it will sense the station's HD Radio signal and automatically adapts to that signal within 7-10 seconds. You'll notice the bright, brilliant sound quality of digital radio. Most HD Radio capable units will have an HD Radio signal indicator used to assure the radio is tuned to an HD Radio station.

Remember — it's all free, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. There is never a subscription charge.

An HD Radio capable receiver (radio) is needed to take advantage of this free service. HD Radio units are available in various forms ranging from small portable units that are easily carried when exercising to in-dash units being offered as original equipment from several automobile manufacturers. After-market HD radios are available for car owners who may desire replacement of their existing in-dash radio with an HD Radio capable unit. For home or in-office use, there are several portable, tabletop and high-end receivers available. All HD Radio capable devices typically offer the same features that have been standard on AM-FM radios in the past. HD Radio unit investment requirements typically begin below one-hundred dollars and increase in cost dependent on type, features and quality. More information about HD Radio and where to purchase HD Radios can be found at https://hdradio.com/get-a-radio/new-cars/

Welcome you to the bright, beautiful sound of HD Radio!

What is HD Radio?
HD radio is a technology that broadcasts a high quality, digital audio feed right alongside our regular broadcasting frequency of 101.1 MORE FM! 

Am I hearing HD Radio right now?
Unless you have a "HD Radio" you are not hearing our HD-1 audio feed.

How do I know if I have a HD Radio?
You can check your car's manual, or look for the "HD" logo on your car's manual, or radio when listening to 101.1 MORE FM. This technology is new, if you have an older vehicle you most likely do not have a HD radio.

I have a HD Radio?
First, make sure you have not confused "HD" with "RDS" - "RDS" or Radio Data System is a technology that will read out the Artist and Title of a song. Most radio's produced after 2005 have "RDS" If you have a HD radio, tune to 101.1 MORE FM and wait 8-10 seconds when listening - you might almost hear a change in the audio when HD kicks in, and the HD logo will light up. Once the HD logo has become bright on your radio, you are listening to MORE FM in clear HD - the best audio you can possibly hear 101.1 MORE FM in!

I don't have a HD Radio?
If you don't have a HD radio, no fear the future is here!
Click Here to browse the HD radio shop and locate a model that is the best fit for you! HD radio's are also becoming standard in many vehicles, so when you shopping for a new vehicle ask to see models that come with an HD radio. 

The signal cuts in and out?
Just like FM the signal cuts in and out, however with no static in the digital broadcast you either get it or you don't! The 101.1 MORE FM HD signal is slightly weaker then our FM signal, so while you may get 101.1 FM in a parking garage or in Lincoln, you may not get 101.1 MORE FM HD in the same spot. If you do receive 101.1 MORE FM in HD, we would love to hear your experience with it!
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