Niagara Health President Issues Statement Following OPSEU Rallies

Photo Credit: Niagara Health

Niagara Health President Lynn Guerriero has issued a statement following several OPSEU rallies outside all Niagara Health sites.

The demonstrators were calling on the government to extend pandemic pay to all hospital employees yesterday. 

Geurriero says it's disappointing that the Ministry of Health will not allow hospitals to extend the pandemic pay to all employees. 

But she adds Niagara Health will continue to advocate for government-funded pandemic pay for hospital employees. 

You can read her full statement below; 

“Earlier this afternoon, OPSEU members and their supporters rallied outside all Niagara Health sites to call on the government to extend pandemic pay to all hospital employees. 

Niagara Health also believes all hospital employees should be made eligible for this government-funded wage enhancement. Our entire workforce has gone above and beyond during these challenging times to ensure safe, high-quality care for the people we serve, and we value their work. 

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health reaffirmed its position hospitals cannot use government funding to extend pandemic pay to employees deemed ineligible under the current pandemic pay program. 

This is a disappointing development. However, I want to reassure you that Niagara Health will continue its strong advocacy for government-funded pandemic pay for all hospital employees. I am working with the Presidents and CEOs from our regional hospitals to encourage the government to reconsider and make all hospital employees eligible for pandemic pay. 

Our CEO, Dr. Tom Stewart, also continues to raise this issue at the highest levels of government. 

We are incredibly grateful for the way everyone has stepped up and performed admirably during this challenging time.” 

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