Shocking Number of People Aren't Wearing Deodorant

One of my biggest worries in the morning on is if I forgot to put on my deodorant. 

Summer is here and that means so is the heat and humidity. And although I wouldn't consider myself a big sweater, I know deodorant is a must. I mean, I consider it a must year round.

A new study on Facebook found that a lot of people are not wearing any deodorant. People age 18-24 are the worst offenders with about forty percent admitting they hadn't used deodorant in the last thirty days. In the 25-34 age bracket, thirty-one percent didn't use it over the same time. 

So why are people avoiding deodorant? Are they trying to avoid some of the chemicals in popular deodorant brands? Even Justin Bieber is getting into the deodorant market. There are other alternatives if that's the reasoning, but it's not. 


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