Online Dating Red Flags!

If you're an online dater-then listen up!

Here are the top three red flags you should be aware of to avoid unnecessary stress and frustration:

1) The List makers: These are the people who list in their profile what they are NOT looking for "cheaters" "liars" etc. These people may not be over their ex or they're describing their dating history and may still be holding a grudge.

2) The Woe-Is-Me attitude: They start sentences off with phrases that are meant to either make you feel bad, or they're phishing for you to reassure them. eg: "I just don't think I'm good enough for you"

3) If someone starts a phrase with the word "technically" RUN---FAST!!! "Technically" is the first word used before a lie is told. If you're on a date and their profile says they're divorced, but when you meet and ask them about it they say well, "technically, I'm not divorced" then turn and walk away-he or she has already lied to you. 




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