Lena's Wednesday Buzz!

Here are the celebrity stories I talked about today on The Mike and Lena Show!


We’re getting a backstage account of exactly what happened during Kanye West’s pro-Trump rant on 'Saturday Night Live'! One of the cast members, Kenan Thompson, revealed that Kanye invited people to join him on stage during his rant, even though nobody agreed with him! He told Seth Meyers that Kanye held them "hostage." (I usually love this kind of stuff, but some moments are too cringy to be entertaining.)


Remember ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ and the amount of hate it got? Some of it was totally legitimate, but a new study found that a lot of the noise came from Russia! Just like with the election-meddling, a new study claims the Kremlin wanted to divide us when it comes to ‘Star Wars’! (Those movies are as American as apple pie!) USC - a school for Journalism - found that a good chunk of the online hate sent to director Rian Johnson was from Russian bots and trolls! (I’m Russian… and I believe this story.)


'Rosaenne' is out, but 'The Connors' are in! We’re finally getting to see what the show will be like without their matriarch. ABC released the very first promo for the show! (By the way, Roseanne Barr says she’s leaving the country when this thing premiers on October 16th!) 


A really odd story from China! Fan Bingbing is a popular actress in China who has mysteriously disappeared! The last time she was seen was July 1st, and now the government says she’s been fined nearly $70-million US for tax evasion! (Once again, a reminder that we’re all lucky to be on this side of the pond. Scary!)

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