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Here are the celebrity stories I talked about today on The Mike and Lena Show!


A huge weekend at the movies. The big winner was… ‘Venom’! Despite the fact that critics hated it (31% on Rotten Tomatoes), it still made over $80-million domestically! That is an October best, even beating out the first ‘Captain America’ and ‘Thor’ movies. Meanwhile, ‘A Star is Born’ did roughly half of that: $42-million. 


Taylor Swift has made a rare political statement, and it’s already backfiring. On Instagram, Taylor endorsed two Democrats in her home state of Tennessee. Now Republicans are on the attack, saying it’s the “end of her career.” (Right.) On the bright side, voter registration is up because of her. According to Vote.org, there were over 51-thousand new registrations in the last 24 hours.


‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actress Keira Knightly is going after Kate Middleton! Keira says that Duchess Kate isn’t doing women any favours by appearing all prim, proper and done-up just hours after giving birth. (For all three of her kids, Kate left the hospital in high heels and makeup.) Keira says child-birth is a messy, stressful business and she shouldn’t be afraid to show that. (I see what she's saying, but Kate has the pressure of representing the royal family... she can't go out there in sweatpants and a t-shirt.)


Meanwhile, Kiera should know you don’t get far by attacking the royals. Samantha Markle (the half-sister of Duchess Meghan) has said many nasty things about the royal family and now she can’t even get past the gate! She arrived at Kensington Palace to deliver a letter to her sister, but the best she could do was hand it over to the guard. Samantha says she was hurt that Meghan didn’t invite her to the wedding, but she’s ready to put the past behind them. (Well, Meghan is not. Do you think the letter actually made it to Meghan? Not a chance!)

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