Lena's Thursday Buzz!

Here are the celebrity stories I talked about today on The Mike and Lena Show!


British TV personality Piers Morgan says a lot of dumb things, and last week he eclipsed even himself. He criticized ‘James Bond’ actor Daniel Craig for carrying his daughter in a front pack, or a papoose. He called it “emasculating.” So, comedian Harry Hill decided to pie him in the face! (Watch at the 3-minute mark.)


Everybody’s talking about how expensive Ariana Grande’s engagement ring is (the ring she returned to her now ex Pete Davidson), worth around $100,000. Well, that’s nothing compared to Lady Gaga! She’s engaged to her agent, Christian Carino, and he gave her a 7-carat pink sapphire with a 4-carat diamond halo. The cost: $400,000.


The numbers are in, and it doesn’t look like ‘The Connors’ measures up to ‘Roseanne.’ 10.5 million people watched the premiere. That sounds good, but it’s 55% less than the ‘Roseanne’ premiere! (Plus, how many of those people watched just to see how Roseanne was killed off?)


As a new show is born… another one dies. ‘Orange is the New Black,’ one of the first big hits for Netflix, has been cancelled! They've announced that the 7th season will be the last. (I feel like seven seasons of anything is already too long. Except ‘Game of Thrones’… that needs 20 seasons.)

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