Lena's Monday Buzz!

Here are the celebrity stories I talked about today on The Mike and Lena Show!


Paula is down, I repeat, Paula is down! Paula Abdul was performing in Mississippi on Saturday night. In the middle of "The Promise of a New Day," she walked forward to greet fans... and took a serious tumble off the stage! Fans were shocked -- one woman even screamed! (A bit dramatic.) The good news: she got right back up and kept performing.


'Saturday Night Live' guy Pete Davidson hit the stage for the liberal group ‘Swing Left’ this weekend and addressed his breakup with Ariana Grande head-on! He said, “Well, as you could tell, I don't want to be here. There's a lot going on. Does anybody have any open rooms? Looking for a roommate?” He then addressed the tattoos he's gotten for Ariana, “I've been covering a bunch of tattoos … that's fun. I'm f---ing 0 for 2 in the tattoo [department] … I'm afraid to get my mom tattooed on me, that's how bad it is.” (Ha! I can see why she liked him!)


There are certain words Her Majesty the Queen finds too vulgar to say, and this one mine surprise you... she reportedly hates the word “pregnant.” (Which is an issue, because she has grandkids popping out left, right and center.) Instead, she refers to women who as expecting as “in the family way.” She also doesn’t care to have young children at the dinner table until they “learn proper manners.” Oh, and in case you want to have her over… don’t serve potatoes, or soup. She’s not a fan.

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